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Our extensive range of timeless classic fashion, elegant home deco and handcrafted, custom wood furniture is designed for comfort, functionality, and most importantly to make you feel the epitome of luxury inside your home and out.


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    We are a team that is passionate about luxury and are both creators & curators of exquisite home deco furniture pieces and high end classic fashion designers.

    HoBS is a concept store located in the trendy atmosphere of 27 Boxes, Melville which has been likened to those of Soho in New York City and Camden in London. Hobs has become a destination point in Melville to its discerning clientele. We merge multiple high-end fashion brands with curated collectible home decor furniture. We are committed to collaborating with other high end designers from the continent. Our focus with these partnership is to curate fashions accessory & home decor and furniture pieces made from organic material with a modern feel as we are committed to celebrating the richness and abundance of Africa’s renowned cultures and natural resources.

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