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When we opened our first salon in November 2019, catering to your luxury hair and spa needs, little did we know the world would be turned upside down.

Between then and today, your support has not faltered and you showed continued support and love for Black Swan Hair and Wig Company and its family of employees.

For that we Thank you.

These last two years have been plagued with crippling losses of human lives, jobs and many businesses found themselves closing their doors. No one business can say it was not affected by the strikes, lootings and pandemic after-effects that rattled our economy.

Through it all, we are still standing – all thanks to you.

While we can’t give you a changed world, moving forward, we can certainly ensure your experience of it is a little better, a bit more premium.

Having said that, we are even more committed to providing you

with the highest quality services as specialists in hair installation, precision hair cutting, colouring, unit customization and wig supply and retail.

We will continue to provide you with the latest trends and launch product range expansions to suit your tastes and elevate your personal vision of your favourite and best self.

We’re also – especially in the current economic climate – excited to announce the opening of our new space; Black Swan Hair and Wig Company at its newest location, the trendy 27 Boxes in Melville, Auckland Park.

Don’t wonder what will be in-store for you, let us tell you: premium-grade products delivered with exceptionally high-quality love and care.

We cannot wait to host you.


Black Swan Hair and Wig Company

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